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Beijing Meimen Art Gallery's Works and Introduction

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Beijing Meimen Art Gallery

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Chinese Painting, Various Paintings, Photography

Profile of Beijing Meimen Art Gallery:
Meimen Art Gallery is operated by Beijing Meimen culture and art limited company. It is located at Gaobeidian culture and art new street, Chaoyang district, Beijing. Since the founding of this gallery in 2014, it has already held a series of Sino-Russian painting exhibitions in its 3300-sqare-feet exhibition space. These include:
September, 2014, Yang Feiyun Oil Painting Art Exhibition (The First Exhibition held in this gallery);
November, 2014, “Remote Clarity” Famous Russian Oil Painting Exhibition;
January, 2015, “Time is Right” Russian Oil Painting Exhibition;
March, 2015, Huang Qingjun Family Property Photography Exhibition;
April, 2015, “Beautiful Spring” Boutique Russian Oil Painting Exhibition;
June, 2015, “Childlike Innocence in the Pursuit of Art” Children Painting Exhibition;
July, 2015, “Spirit in the Landscape” Landscape Painting Exhibitions by professors from Repin Academy of Fine Arts;
September, 2015, Exhibition of works by Chinese and Russian artists;
October, 2015, “Inheriting Classics” Exhibition by Andre Melnikov and his daughter Vera Melnikov.

Main Exhibitions:

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