The alienation of the Albino

You Si
Keywords: FlowerChinese InkAcrylic color InkRice PaperColofulmied colorbrilliant colorearthenviroment

Work Overview

Albino is like the races that inhabit a fictional Earth. A species that is different than the rest. It is this special species ensured diversity and enchant the moment of biological evolution.

You Si (Chinese name 游思) was born in Beijing in 1954 to a family of artists. He is now living & working in Shanghai, and commuting to his New Jersey Studio three months in a year.

You Si's abstract ink painting is parallel to his personal experience of returning to the "traditional". He refused to confine by the rigid tradition of ink painting and chose to create art that defined himself as a Chinese artist.

Yu Si think nature as a stream of shifting and flickering impressions, he created abstract imagery that vibrates with a metaphysical and spiritual energy, reminding viewers of the late American artist and master of Color Field Painting, Mark Rothko (1903- 1970).

Original art work, Signed and certified by artist.