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Gender: female   1949

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Claude Cehes

Art Types involved-in: Sculpture

Claude Cehes Biography:
Claude Cehes (1949 - ) is a contemporary French sculptor who lives in Paris and get commissions from many French cities. She often uses assorted materials to create artworks, such as bronze, marble, granite, polyester resin, wood, sponge, glass, rubber, even computer cables. 
Since 1975 the artist takes part in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad. 
She won a lot of honors and awards including laureate of the General Council of Ile de France, Neuman Prize of the Paris Jewish Museum, etc.. 
Her artworks are collected by President of the French Republic, Quai Saint Bernard Museum, the Regional Fund for Modern Art of Ile de France, the Regional Council of Ile de France, and so on.

Claude Cehes's Representative Works Exhibitions:
2011 a retrospective exhibition titled "30 years of sculpture", in Montceau, France.
2006 et 1989,1990, 1996 Lavignes-Bastille Gallery. Paris.
2004 et 2006 Terre des Arts Gallery. Paris.
2002 L’Escale. Levallois. France
2001 Centre d'Art et de Culture. Meudon. France
2000 Musée de la Grande Loge de France. Paris
1999 Adler Gallery, Gstaadt. Suisse
1999 Espace 1789. St Ouen. France
1995 Nast Gallery, Paris.
1993 Capazza Gallery, Nancay. France
1987 10 Gallery. Paris.
1987 St Dizier Museum. France
1986 Georges Fall Gallery. Paris.
1985 Dada House Gallery. Luxembourg
1984 Olivier Brice Museum. Montpellier. France.
1984 Espace Poisson d'Or. Lyon. France
1980 first personal exhibition, L’Œil de Bœuf Gallery, Paris.

Graduation School: National School of Fine Arts in Paris

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