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Gender: male   1954

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Deryk Houston

Art Types involved-in: Various Paintings, Sculpture, Installation

Deryk Houston Biography:
Deryk Houston (1954 - ) is a contemporary Canadian installation artist, sculptor, and painter who was interviewed by many televisions, radios, and newspapers. The subject of his artworks is about peace and exploring “why we are here”, as the artist said. 
Houston travelled to Baghdad and created large-scale art installations to call attention to the situation of the children of Iraq. 
Houston's artworks were featured in the documentary film “From Baghdad to Peace Country” by the National Film Board of Canada, and exhibited extensively in Canada and internationally. Some of his sculptures and paintings are in the collection of the Canadian War Museum.

Deryk Houston's Representative Works Exhibitions:
- In Feb., 2016, The "Love" show, at Art Works Gallery, Canmore, Alberta, USA.
- Winter 2012-2013 Sculpture exhibit at Two River Gallery (Public) Prince George BC
- Spring 2012 – One man exhibition at Nanaimo public Art Gallery
- July-Sept 2011 – Exhibition at Chemainus Theatre
- March 2010 – One man exhibition at Canada House Gallery, Banff, Alberta
- 2009 –  (Nov.) One man exhibition Collective Works Gallery Victoria. “fallen soldiers in Afghanistan)
- 2009 – (Aug.) One Man exhibition Scotland (Gracefield public Art gallery) “Ties that Bind”
– 2006 – Exhibition at Canada House Gallery, Banff
– 2005 – Exhibition at Artworks Gallery Vancouver
– March 2004 – One man exhibition at Canada House Gallery in Banff, Alberta
– Sept 2002 -one man exhibition at artworks in Vancouver, BC.
– May 2002 -one man exhibition, Paintings from children’s book, “Echoes from the Square”, at the International Institute of Boston.
– March 16, 2002 -one man exhibition, Canada House Gallery, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
– Aug 2001 -one man exhibition, Castle Douglas Public Art Gallery, Scotland (Stewartry Museum)
– Nov. 2000 -one man show Banff, Canada
– May 2000 -One man Exhibition and presentation at Kelowna Public Art Gallery
– June 1998 – One man art show in Banff, Alberta (Marika Gallery)
– November 1996 – One man show, Artworks, Vancouver, B.C.
– August, 1988 – One man exhibition, Odessa, U.S.S.R.
– December, 1987 – One man show, Inge’s Hole in the Wall Gallery, Whistler, B.C.
– March, 1983 – One man show, Dollards Restaurant, Vancouver, B.C.

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