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Edward Hopper

Art Types involved-in: Various Paintings, Oil Painting

Edward Hopper Biography:

Edward Hopper, 1882-1967, was a prominent American realist painter,  was most popularly known for his oil paintings, and equally proficient as a watercolorist. Significant paintings by Edward Hopper are held by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Des Moines Art Center, and the Art Institute of Chicago. 

In 1924, the oil painting titled "Hotel Window (1956)" was sold for $7,000; In 1999, it grow to around $10 million; In 2006, it sold for $26.89 million. East Wind Over Weehawken (1934), in 2013, the Edward Hopper painting sold for a record-breaking $36 million in New York.

More About Edward Hopper
Born in 1882 on July 22nd, Edward Hopper was born in Manhattan, New York. He began showing skill in artistry at the tender age of 5, long before his peers. Having parents with diverse backgrounds certainly helped his development, and he found his particular style a lot earlier than other mainstream artists. Early influences on Edward Hopper paintings as he went to school were Édouard Manet, one of the greatest painters of our time. While a student of the Parsons School of Design, he was mentored and took instruction from greats like Robert Henri and William Merritt Chase. His first big job was actually at an advertising agency doing cover designs, a job that he hated. He suffered through it until he eventually learned enough to settle on realist art. It was the complete opposite direction of what the current scene was doing, so in a way Hopper became a silent pioneer for the movement. He struggled in the beginning of this career but stuck with it and was able to finally carve out a niche for himself. After many movie and theatre companies caught wind of his etches and other paintings, Hopper became a name to be reckoned with in the art scene.

Analysis of Edward Hopper Paintings 

The no nonsense style of Edward Hopper makes it easy to identify his paintings and their meaning, and all without taking away from how great they really are.  

In the New Realism style he struck gold with 1922’s the ‘New York Restaurant’. Set in a very trendy setting it shows a man sitting down with his date at dinner. The fun thing about this painting is that it is like taking a peek into a really classic movie, with background, patrons and mood intact. He nailed the mood for the Edward Hopper painting so well that that he could have limited the colors and still did it perfectly.

A little more daring for his portfolio but still with a powerful message is ‘Eleven A.M.’, with a full on nude woman sitting in a chair and looking out of the window.  This was a departure from his usual work, but was very welcome among the circles due to how deep the paintings meaning is. The woman is cleverly sitting in the chair and leaning forward, not exposing her front of her bottom. The question is, what is it that is so interesting outside of the window? If you look at the bits outside of the window, it is clear she is in an apartment building. Is someone looking back at her?

Many subjects have been covered in painting, but none really have been ignored as largely as railroads and trains. There are Edward Hopper paintings in this category, but it can be said that it is an unappreciated category at best. ‘Railroad Crossing’ takes a simple look at a setting of the same name with a sign in the middle of a very beautiful neighborhood. This is out in the country considering the trees and the road, and the setting is awe inspiring. With the houses in the background complimenting the backdrop perfectly, this is a peaceful Edward Hopper oil painting that will inspire very good feelings.

‘Jo Painting’ was created in 1936 and is an easy one to forget if you didn’t care for his work much. But for those that were even mildly interested, this is a great glimpse into his personal life. Using the side profile of a woman’s face, there is something very dramatic about the pose that leaves a lot to the imagination. This is one of those personal Edward Hopper paintings that is a lot better than the artist intended it to be, and bares a lot more of his soul than he planned.

But one of the more famous paintings for many reasons, is 1929’s ‘Chop Suey’. Chronicling a very good restaurant in an upper class environment, the Edward Hopper paintings focus on two women exchanging banter among a very memorable background. The popularity of this painting comes from its pop culture references throughout history almost as much as the great setting it was put in. 
His specific style made him stand out more since he was American, with some real hard to miss winners in his artistry.

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