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Indonesian Andis Gallery's Works and Introduction

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Indonesian Andis Gallery

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Multimedia

Profile of Indonesian Andis Gallery:
Andis art Gallery was established in 1990, presents modern and contemporary art, especially Indonesian visual art, locating at Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The gallery is aimed to be a place of inspiration, through their collection, programs and exhibitions. 
This art gallery has held numerous discourse exhibitions, including sculptures exhibition, paintings, modern and contemporary installations.

Main Exhibitions:
2010  Crossing and Blurring the Boundaries
2012  Unforgettable
2009  Bazaar art Jakarta
2010  Art Fair Jakarta
2011  Art fair
2012  Art Fair
2016  Artstage  

Totally 6 Works by Indonesian Andis Gallery Exhibiting Online.   Display