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Liu Yuzhu's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Liu Yuzhu

Art Types involved-in: Chinese Painting

Liu Yuzhu Biography:
Liu Yuzhu (1967.4 - ) is a contemporary Chinese traditional painter who was born in Cangzhou, Heibei province. His pen name is Tian Shi. He is a member of council at the Artists Association in Gansu Province; and vice president of the Artists Association in the city of Baiyin; director of the Traditional Chinese Painting Art Committee; as well as first rank art committee member of the Artist Department, China Talent Research which is under the charge of the Ministry of Personnel; and is The National First Class Artist.

Liu Yuzhu’s works are published successively by many professional art periodicals, for example, The Guidance to Contemporary Chinese Art Collection which was published by Tianjin People’s Art Publishing House. In addition, his works are collected by related departments.

The artist has won many awards at various art exhibitions and competitions in China, for example, “Contemporary Outstanding Talent of Traditional Chinese Painting” awarded by Chinese Ministry of Personnel and Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Talent Research.

He has published sketch collections such as Liu Yuzhu Art Collection, Selection of Liu Yuzhu’s Traditional Paintings, and Recalling Sketch, famous Chinese painting and calligraphy selection series such as Selection of Liu Yuzhu’s Works, Top 100 of Contemporary Chinese Painters series, and Artist Liu Yuzhu.

Liu Yuzhu's Representative Works Exhibitions:
In 1999, his work “The Landscape of the North” was selected by Chinese Artists Association and Artists Association in Heilongjiang Province to be exhibited at “Art Creations from Mao Zedong’s Poems” and was collected in Painting Collections of Mao Zedong’s Poems.
In 2002, his work “Green Mountains and Blue Waters” was selected to National painting exhibitions.
In 2003, his oil painting “Impression of The Highland” was selected to the oil painting exhibition in Gansu province
In 2005, his work “Years on The Highland” was selected to the first Chinese freehand brushwork exhibition in Gansu province.
In 2006, his work “Cloud Over The Buddhist Temple” was selected as one of the representative works of Gansu province to be exhibited in Gansu museum of Art and National Art Museum of China.
In 2012, his work was selected as excellent national art work to be exhibited in Gansu province.
In October, 2013, he was invited to the competition among famous national painting, calligraphy and photography artists entitled “Beautiful China, Charming Baiyin”, which was hosted in CPPCC auditorium.
In May, 2015, his work was selected to the first art exhibition in the city of Dalian.
In 2016, his work was selected to the collected art exhibition of three cities in Gansu province by the Artists Association in Gansu province.
In 2016, his work was selected to compete in the painting and calligraphy competition in memory of Sun Yat-sen in Hong Kong.

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