Material Diffused

Edward Evans
Keywords: Chinese WritingAcrylic linenAirbrush techniqueillusiontwisted tinWrinkles FoldsHyper realisticAbstract ImpressionismAsian Contemporary

Work Overview

Acrylic painting on canvas. 

This painting’s Chinese writing is quoted from part of Italian art critic Luca Gattoni’s essay about my work.  “Many times the art of Evans has been considered illusionistic and hyper-realistic. We believe that these two adjectives distort his work. On the contrary we believe that his poetic is one of a new materiality in which there is space for man and his inner life. A matter that in the artist’s view is filled with tensions, embossed emotions, folds, passions, wrinkles, thoughts.”


Edward Evans (1935 - ) is a contemporary American artist, has exhibited in Galleries & Museums around the world. He was born and educated in Minnesota where he earned MFA, MA and BS degrees at Southwest Minnesota State University. He founded the university’s art gallery and continuously served as the director of the gallery. 

His subject is Chinese text. He creates optically baffling renderings of the texts seemingly inscribed into (rather than onto) fluttering or crumpled tablets,papers or cloth. Creating visually stunning masterpieces. Evans has always been attracted to both illusion and abstraction in painting and enjoys the challenge of combining both qualities into his paintings. He is a very active exhibiting artist. 

American painter “Edward Evans' work, visually is stunning. The degree of illusion he achieves through his mastery of airbrush techniques is unique and different than the work of other traditional artists. His work had been exhibited all over Europe for over 150 exhibitions and collected by over 40 museums, private collection globally.