Harship of life

Jean-Marc Heller

Keywords: Old ManBicycleMarket SceneStreet TrafficBlack WhiteShanghaiChinaOld city

Work Overview

Inspiration: Life is not always easy, and it is particularly hard for some people at some times.

It was a pleasant autumn day, the street of Shanghai China were crowded with happy fun seekers enjoying the week long National Holiday. Among the mist of all the joyous humanities, an old guy riding a three-wheeled trailer trying to navigate through the crowds caught my attention. There was this unmistakable sadness on his face, with his emotion trapped inside. He seems lost, alone against the world. I do not understand his expression until I saw the trailer toll behind him set a handicapped young man, equally expressionless and helplessness, riding along among the crowded with no control on where he could go, no prospect of a future. I wasted no time to raised my camera and shot the picture with the sharpness of focus on the face while blurring on the rest of background people.


Jean-Marc HELLER, an avocation photographer from Switzerland, spends many years working in China. He started interest in photography when he was fourteen years old. He used his late grandfather’s Rolleiflex and developed the films of black-and-white pictures in his parents’ bathroom. As he gradually changed his camera from film to digital, he has also developed his strengths and style.

In his spare time, he travels throughout the country documenting the real moments of day-to-day life of the ordinary people in the streets, through his lens in a true sense of documentary style. His images unfold the magnificence of what the nature offers and what the humans have created. His photos represent his understanding and appreciation of the culture, the people, and the countries he encountered. "The images told the wordless stories"…