One Day in 2004

Cui XiuWen
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Work Overview

Cui Xiuwen's (Chinese name 崔岫闻, 1970 - ; graduated from Northeast Normal University) works have always been focused on discussing gender issues and social commentary. She earned her position in contemporary art by being the first Chinese artist to be invited to exhibit at Tate Modern in Britain, in 2004. Her works are collected by major museums internationally.

 “One Day in 2004” series are Cui Xiuwen's autobiographical works. The series build on earlier themes surrounding the relationship between society, sexuality, and the female body by incorporating elements of the memory of her childhood. The artist employed a model who resembled her as a youth, dressed her in crisp and cultural revolution-inspired clothing. Then captured her dwarfed by the architecture of the Forbidden City, or multiplied into a self-constructed landscape. In both instances, the impression is familiar, innocent, and forbidding.

These works are sold as one set. 
Certified, artist signed.