The Chinese Venice - Zhujiajiao

Jean-Marc Heller
Keywords: river townboats rivertourist destinationsightseeing boatsoarsmanhistoric towntreeline riverfront

Work Overview

The RAW picture was taken by a digital camera Nikon D800 with a 24-70mm zoom lens, focused at 70 mm at 500 ISO with aperture F: 9.0 and speed 1/50.

Jean-Marc found the scenery is like an idealistic version of China as he imagines it. Traditional villages line the riverbank, simple wooden boat flowing downstream amended by the oarsman, using the same motion to move the mountains forward unchanged through centuries. The image of the time stands still in contrast to the ever-moving water. Inspire me to snap this timeless image.

Life carries on the same way for the millennium. The images provoked paradoxes to a life of the past and presents. The oarsman; like all of us tries to steer with much effort and determination toward the desired destination. As in life, we are all in our boat with no diversion but one way and one direct toward the destination.

Edition 1/10
Printed on a Matt Art Paper using EPSON DIGIGRAPHY Technology.
Artist signature, authenticity Certificate accompanies the artwork.

HELLER used LightRoom and Silver Fx add-on to get the monochrome effect, with the Sepia color giving the touch of timeless. I also used the sharpness cursor on overall picture to emphasize the wood structure.

Jean-Marc HELLER, an avocation photographer from Switzerland, spends many years working in China. He started interest in photography when he was fourteen years old. He used his late grandfather’s Rolleiflex and developed the films of black-and-white pictures in his parents’ bathroom. As he gradually changed his camera from film to digital, he has also developed his strengths and style.

In his spare time, he travels throughout the country documenting the real moments of day-to-day life of the ordinary people in the streets, through his lens in a true sense of documentary style. His images unfold the magnificence of what the nature offers and what the humans have created. His photos represent his understanding and appreciation of the culture, the people, and the countries he encountered. "The images told the wordless stories".