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Shanghai Zhoupu Gallery

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Chinese Painting, Various Paintings, Sculpture, Installation, Multimedia, Photography

Profile of Shanghai Zhoupu Gallery:
Zhoupu Gallery is a contemporary Chinese public art organization owned by Zhoupu Town government, Shanghai. It is located at Zhoupu Park with three sides of it facing water, which is an independent gallery built above water. This gallery covers an exhibition area of 220,000 square feet with east and west exhibition halls. The east is a permanent exhibition hall for Zhoupu native painters and calligraphers while the west is a temporary exhibition hall which is open to various kinds of contemporary artworks, such as traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, print painting, calligraphy, sculpture, photography. This gallery also has a public education department which provides all kinds of public art lectures for children. The art corridor outside the building displays sculptures of late cultural masters and celebrities in Zhoupu district. Shanghai Zhoupu Gallery not only promotes the inheritance of excellent traditional culture in this area and the development of contemporary Chinese culture, but also positively propels high quality international communicative group exhibitions by market operating method. It will be a long-term exhibition space for the introduction of international artists and their works by Singing Palette to Chinese contemporary art circle. 

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