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Singing Palette's Works and Introduction

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Singing Palette

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Chinese Painting, Various Paintings, Sculpture, Installation, Multimedia, Photography

Profile of Singing Palette:
Singing Palette is an art gallery and online platform to exhibit original artworks by contemporary artists from different countries, and connect contemporary artists with global collectors. 
Singing Palette displays works to the globe in English, Chinese, French, and German free of charge; buyer's will get Certificate of Originals with artist's signature if collect artworks from Singing Palette.

Singing Palette also collect works selectively from registered artists, and will even sign a contract with them and hold global itinerant exhibitions for the artists together with our cooperative partners so that these artists can be accepted quickly in the art market.

Main Exhibitions:
Singing Palette already held many exhibitions with global partners.

Totally 7 Works by Singing Palette Exhibiting Online.   Display