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Stan Bert Singer's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Stan Bert Singer

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting

Stan Bert Singer Biography:
Stan Bert Singer (1966 - ) is an contemporary Austrian oil painter, is known for his works of violence aesthetics and women often in erotic poses. The artist has taken part in many international art exhibitions in Europe and US since 1980s.

Stan Bert Singer said:
„.. Gebt Ihnen die Würde zurück - give them back their dignity!“

Only at first sight many of my pictures show beauty and eroticism. In reality, it is the exploitation and suffering of women, that is the subject. Many of the depicted women in erotic poses are women from erotic internet portals, which have been photographed thousands of times for men's fantasies. Many of them started very young with lovely photos. Quite a few have ended up in the porn industry as meat products. Only apparently you see mellifluous things - you look into the face of the exploited.

In order to give these women back a little of their dignity, art and the medium of oil are used to elevate the photographic motifs to a worthy representation of these women - and yet you as the viewer remain "consumer" and voyeur alike.

„ … so i tried to give them back dignity!
My pictures are therefore statements which are a reflection of the consumer world surrounding us. Often these statements are processed in old-masterly technique and mythical themes.

Stan Bert Singer's Representative Works Exhibitions:
ab 1980er Jahre: Studium Architektur und Zeichen Malausbildung an der Universität Wien am Karlsplatz.

1995 private Ausstellungen und Auftragsarbeiten

1996 Expressive und abstrakte Arbeiten zum Thema Akt und experimentelle Phase mit dem Medium Öl. 1996 Ausstellung in NÖ

1998 Weiterführung der Abstraktionen

1999 Wendepunkt: Abwendung von der Abstraktion und Zuwendung zur Gegenständlichen Malerei. Erotische Themen sowie Portraits standen im Interesse, daraus ergab sich das Thema des Erotik -portraits. Beginn des Interesses an altmeisterlichen Techniken.

2001 Reise nach Malta und Studie der Gemälde des Caravaggio.

2002-2009: Portrait und Erotische Arbeiten im Mittelpunkt des Schaffens.

Weiterer Schwerpunkt die sogenannten “time paintings”. Thema: Zeit und Bewegung in der Malerei.

2009: Beginn der internationalen Tätigkeit und erste Vermarktung über online Platformen.

2010: “Give them back their dignity” Auftragsarbeiten und Privatausstellungen Atelier

2012: Private Arbeiten und Verkauf Interne

2012: Teilnahme an NPG- National Portrait Gallerie BP Portrait Award London

2012: Art Miami

2012: Ausstellung Latte Grande Wien

2012: MUSA Vienna

2013: Teilnahme NPG- National Portrait Gallerie BP Portrait Award London

2013-2017: Teilnahme an verschiedenen internationalen Wettbewerben 

2015: Teilnahme NPG- National Portrait Gallerie BP Portrait Award London

2017: Atelierausstellung und Saatchi online, NPG, ARC, ART Renewal competition

2018: Atelierausstellung und Saatchi online, NPG, ARC, ART Renewal competition

2019: Juni „Faces and Myths“ Galerie SBS

Graduation School: Arch. dipl.-ing.

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