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Sunshine International Art Gallery

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Chinese Painting, Various Paintings, Sculpture, Installation, Multimedia, Photography

Profile of Sunshine International Art Gallery:
Located at Songzhuang Village’s art district in Beijing, Sunshine International Art Gallery is the biggest comprehensive art gallery in mainland China. It occupies a land of 40 mu (about 26667 square meters) and the area of the exhibition hall is more than 20 thousand square meters. The building of this gallery features the combining of representative Chinese humanist thought “round” with traditional building materials “black brick”. 
As a non-profit private gallery, Sunshine International Art Gallery holds contemporary Chinese art exhibitions and carries out international communication. It also creates contemporary art data bank and holds special academic report regularly, aiming for high quality exhibition and art collection. This art organization pays attention to the development and update thoughts of contemporary Chinese art while promoting international art and cultural communication. It has enjoyed a worldwide reputation. 
It will be one of the partners of Singing Palette which will help hold middle and large size exhibitions in Beijing.

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