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Sunwei's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting

Sunwei Biography:
Sunwei (1984 - ) is a contemporary Chinese oil painter who was born in Shanxi Province. He has taken part in many art exhibitions at home and hosted many solo exhibitions. He has won many art awards in China. He graduated from oil painting department in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in 2007 and won his Master degree in oil painting department of college of fine arts, Shanghai University. He has been teaching at several colleges.
He often places images of vague facial expressions at dream-like backgrounds, which are integrated with each other and brings the audiences to a trance-like state where the time and space are interlaced and the meaning is inspiring.
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Sunwei's Representative Works Exhibitions:
2011 “Intuition” small scale oil painting exhibition in Shanghai.
2012 “First International Chinese Oil Painting Sketch Exhibition in HongKong”, Guangzhou, Beijing, Xi’an.
2012 “National Middle Age and Young Artists Recommendation Exhibition”, Shanghai Ming House Culture and Art center.
2013 “The 7th Shanghai Art Exhibition”, China Art Museum.
2013 “Excellent Graduate Design Exhibition of Graduate Students at College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University”.
2013 “Discovery-Rebuild” National Excellent Work Exhibition by Young Artists, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art.
2013 The 2nd Art Fair for College Students in Guangzhou.
2014 “Loneness-Stillness” Exhibition by Wang Xiaoshuang and Sun Wei, Shanghai 188 contemporary Art center.
2014 “From East to West” Communicational Exhibition of Chinese Young Artist in America, Livingston, America.
2014 “Left-West & Right-East” Contemporary Art Exhibition by Talented Chinese and American Artists, Shanghai.
2014 “Unique 60 Years Old” Work Exhibition by Huang Azhong and his students, Shanghai Cheng Shifa Memorial Hall.
2014 “Image-Dialogue” The 10th Oil Painting Exhibition in Shanxi province, the third prize, Taiyuan.
2015 “On the Scene” work exhibition by highly recommended artists of 188, Qingdao.
2015 Yi Gaogao Exhibition, Shanghai, Ningbo.
2015 “Time Stage Play” Group Exhibition by Talented National Young Artists, Shanghai Peninsula Art Museum.
2015 The 11th Oil Painting Exhibition in Shanxi province, the second prize, art museum of Shanxi University.
2016 “overlap-identity” exhibition by contemporary young artists, Shanghai Peninsula Art Museum.
2016 “The Ancient Flavor of the City of Yao” series Invitation Exhibition of Shanxi contemporary oil painting, Linfen, Shanxi province.
2016 “City and Line” Shanghai Art Fair for Young Artists, Shanghai Exhibition center.
2016 “Amazing Future” The first contemporary oil painting invitation exhibition for young artists, Shanxi province, Taiyuan Museum of Arts.
2016 Citizen Art Shanghai, Shanghai 12# Hotel.

Graduation School: College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University

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