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Wang Guangyi

Art Types involved-in: Installation, Oil Painting

Wang Guangyi Biography:

Wang Guangyi (1957- ; Chinese name 王广义), born in Harbin, is a Chinese installation artist and painter and a main participant in the “Chinese New Art Movement” (“85 New Wave Movement”). He went through the 10-year Great Cultural Revolution in China when he was young. His traditional Chinese paintings are collected by Jiang Zemin, Li Peng and other Chinese State Leaders. He has held many solo art exhibitions at home and abroad since 1990s. His representative work “Great Criticism” Series, which are called political pop, are drawing the attention of critics and the international art market. Wang Guangyi is the subject figure of Travel Channel feature Programme Wang Guangyi, and many art journals and art books. 

His 1988 oil painting on canvas “Mao Zedong: AO” was sold for 8.42 million Hong Kong dollars at 2011 Spring Auctions of Hong Kong’s Sotheby Auctions.

Wang Guangyi's Representative Works Exhibitions:
In 1994, “Wang Guangyi Solo Art Exhibition” was held at the Hanart Gallery in Hong Kong.
In 1996, “Witness: Wang Guangyi Solo Art Exhibition” was held at the Klaus Littmann Gallery in Basel, Switzerland.
In 2001, “Wang Guangyi Solo Art Exhibition: Faces of Faith” was held at Soobin Art Gallery in Singapore.
In 2003, “Wang Guangyi Solo Art Exhibition” was held at Gallery Enrico Navarra in Paris, France.
In 2004, “Wang Guangyi Solo Art Exhibition” was held at Galerie Urs Meile in Lucerne, Switzerland.
In 2006, “Wang Guangyi Solo Art Exhibition” was held at Arario Gallery in Seoul, Korea.
In 2007, “Wang Guangyi Solo Art Exhibition” was held at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris, France.
In 2008, “Visual Politics: Another Aspect of Wang Guangyi” was held at He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen, China.
In 2008, “Cold War Aesthetics: Wang Guangyi” was held at Louise Blouin Institute in London, Britain. 
In 2011, “Lab Report—Visual Archives about Chinese Contemporary Art: The Interactive Mirror Image, Tank Loft” was held at Chongqing Contemporary Art Center in Chongqing, China.
In 2012, “Wang Guangyi: Cold War Aesthetics” was held at Pujiang Oversea Chinese Town in Shanghai, China.

Graduation School: China Academy of Art

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