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Gender: male   1990

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Xia Weiyu's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Xia Weiyu

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting

Xia Weiyu Biography:
Xia Weiyu (1990 - ) is a contemporary Chinese professional artist who was born in Bozhou, Anwei Province. He was graduated from Oil Painting Major, Art department, Anyang Normal University. He went back to teach Classic Oil Painting at Anyang Normal University in 2015.

Xia Weiyu's Representative Works Exhibitions:
2014 “Three’s Company” Joint Exhibition of Three Artists, Anyang Normal University, Anyang, Henan Province
2016 “Experimental Realism” Exhibition, 798 Author Gallery, Beijing
     “Trial” Exhibition, International Creative cwork art Gallery, Beijing.

Graduation School: Anyang Normal University

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