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Gender: male   1945

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Yang Xiyuan's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Yang Xiyuan

Art Types involved-in: Chinese Painting

Yang Xiyuan Biography:
Yang Xiyuan, born in 1945 in Beijing, Contemporary Traditional Chinese painter, and Member of Artist Association of Shanxi Province. Due to his family’s nurturing, he was fascinated by Chinese ink painting since his childhood, and was coached by Li Keran and Liu Haisu later; the style of his works tends to be decorative. In 1987, he studied in Senior Workshop of Academy of Chinese Painting (directly subordinate to the Ministry of Culture). In 1988, his on-site painting was collected in the Great Hall of the People. In 1989, one of his paintings, collaborated with Chinese-American painter Sun Ying, was collected by the Ministry of Culture. In 1990, his paint was selected as a foreign affairs gift by Beijing Asian Games Organizing Committee. In 1993, an album of paintings called “Yang Xiyuan, China’s Excellent Artist” was published by China Artist Association. In 2012, he was elected to 2013 “100 Famous Traditional Chinese Painters Nominations Exhibition” , which was jointly hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Rongbaozhai, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Chinese Artist Association and China National Academy of Painting. 

Yang Xiyuan's Representative Works Exhibitions:
In 1987, he was recommend by Li Keran and held “China First Exhibition of Modern Art” in Tokyo. The title “Yang Xiyuan’s Art Exhibition” was inscribed by Liu Boshu. 
In 1988, another art exhibition called “Sakura Festival” was hold in Tokyo.

Graduation School: Senior Workshop of Academy of Chinese Painting

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