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Gender: male   1969

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Yiannis Melanitis

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Installation

Yiannis Melanitis Biography:
Yiannis Melanitis (also named as Ioannis Melanitis; Greek: Γιάννης Μελανίτης; 1967 - ) is a contemporary conceptual artist, performance artist, sculptor, installation artist, and digital artist who was born in Athens, Greece. Melanitis is a PhD Fellow; he was elected as a Lecturer, Assistant Professor at the Sculpture Department of the Athens School of Fine Arts.
He held many personal exhibitions and joined numerous group exhibitions, often publish academic texts, and his works are collected by art institutions and private collectors.
Yiannis Melanitis's work initiates from an intense conceptualization on the strategies of the contemporary artist and the artwork itself, deviating from its epistemological origins, implying the use of heterogeneous artistic media, through installations, performances, critical texts, sculptures, paintings and drawings.

Works that were collcted:
1. HUG, Hopitaux Universitaires de Geneve), Switzerland, two drawings, 50 x 70cm, from the Dans Le Jardin d’ Epicure series, owned by the  HUG collection.
2. Sculpture Γutant Sphinx, Kriton collection
3. Sculpture head Study, Vergos collection
4. Yps, sculpture, private collection
5. Museum of Wax Moulages, A. Syggros Hospital,  Ulysses-sobering thought , clay head on ceramic stand, Athens, Greece.
6. Telepaphus, synthetic ceramic, private collection
7. Ulysses in clay, sulphure painted, private collection
8. Nostalgia for Nausicaa, plaster, private collection 
9. Ulysses in clay, private collection
10.  Anatasis in green (green phalaenopsis), synthetic ceramic, plaster, Fryssiras collection
11.  Phalaenopsis Head, synthetic ceramic, plaster, Fryssiras collection
12. A L L E G O R I A   N O E S I S, synthetic ceramic, plaster, Fryssiras collection
13. Soul [drinking blood], Synthetic ceramic, Fryssiras collection
14. Kassandra, drawing, collection of the American College of Greece.

Yiannis Melanitis's Representative Works Exhibitions:
2015 Hunter of Light/ Hermes tychomachos, Depo Darm Gallery , Athens, Greece
2012 The Geometry Of Retorics, Galo-Roman Museum, Tongeren, Belgium
2012 Hermes Solitaire exhibition, Praetorium Tongeren, Belgium
2012 QUARRIER HERMES , Marathi ancient marble quarry, Paros, Greece
2012 Kryographia at Museu Nacional, Brasilia / National Museum, Brasilia, Brazil
2012 Ilhas do Corpo, Biblioteque National de Brasilia, Brazil
2011 Kryographia/ On the Way Towards Iceland, performed at Megaron, Thessaloniki Concert Hall.
2010 Kryographia, The Conductivity of Writing, ABOUT, Athens
2008 Ulysses as Faust, E 31Gallery
2006 Dans Le Jardin d’ Epicure/ Les elements comme des metaphors, at the Psychiatric Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland
2005 'The Diffusion of the elements’, at D624, Athens

Graduation School: Athens School Fine Arts

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