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Zhang Xiaogang's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Zhang Xiaogang

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting

Zhang Xiaogang Biography:

Zhang Xiaogang (1958- ; Chinese name 张晓刚), born in Kunming, Yunnan Province, was a world-renowned contemporary Chinese painter. 

He has been taking part in important exhibitions at home and abroad frequently since early 1990s and has won many international prizes. He began to be known world-wide when his “Bloodline: the Big Family” series were collected by many European museums in the beginning of 21st century. The artist expressed collective psychological memories and emotions by using the image of facial-designed portraits of the revolutionary age. His major works are “Family Photos” series, “Tian An Men”, “Bloodline: Comrade NO.120”, “The Big Family” series, and so on. 

Zhang Xiaogang oil painting “Bloodline: Big Family NO.3” was sold for 94.20 million Hong Kong dollars at the Sotheby’s 2014 Spring Auctions, which broke his auction record of 79.06 million Hong Kong dollars for his 2011 work “Eternal Love”.

Zhang Xiaogang's Representative Works Exhibitions:
In 1989, Zhang’s first solo exhibition (featuring his ‘Lost dreams’ series) was held at the exhibition hall of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. 
In 1997, his work “Bloodline: the Big Family 1997” was displayed at the Art Gallery of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. 
In 1998, his work “Bloodline: the Big Family 1998” was displayed at the Hanart Gallery in Taipei.
In 1999, his work “Comrade” was displayed at the Galerie de France in Paris.
In 2000, he held a solo art exhibition entitled “Zhang Xiaogang 2000” at the Max Protetch Gallery in New York. 
In 2003, his work “Amnesia and Memory” was displayed at the Galerie de France in Paris.
In 2004, Hong Kong Arts Center held an art exhibition entitled “Umbilical Cord of History: Paintings by Zhang Xiaogang”. 
In 2005, “Zhang Xiaogang 2005” was held at the Max Protetch Gallery in New York.
In 2006, “Home –Zhang Xiaogang” was held at the Beijing Commune in Beijing.  
“Zhang Xiaogang Exhibition” was held at the Art Centre of Tokyo, Japan.
“Amnesia and Memory” was held at the Artside Gallery, Souel, Korea. 
In 2009, “Record” was held at the Pace Beijing Gallery.

Graduation School: Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

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