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The following are the contemporary European artists and art institutions who have registered Singing Palette art website, and noted historical art masters, including famous artists/painters/sculptors/photographers and art galleries(museums) from France, Germany, UK, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Russia which cover the different countries of Western Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe, Northern and Eastern Europe.

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Directory of European Artists

Artwork Baby Instinct
Lastest Work Baby Instinct

    Beñat Iglesias    Spain

    Various Paintings Oil Painting Sculpture

    Beñat Iglesias (1979 - ) is a contemporary Spanish artist who is good at oil painting, sculpture, printmaking, and photography. The artist has taken part in many art exhibitions at home and abroad and won awards. Beñat Iglesias’s ......Artist Beñat Iglesias

Artwork Quiet Morning
Lastest Work Quiet Morning

    Pavel Mitkov    Bulgaria

    Oil Painting

    Pavel Mitkov (1977 - ) is a contemporary Bulgarian painter who was born in Sofia, is treated as one of best selling living painters in the country. He has been awarded a number of prizes in Europe, USA, and Russia; and h ......Artist Pavel Mitkov

Artwork Four Art Generators
Lastest Work Four Art Generators

    Chris Joseph    United Kingdom


    Chris Joseph (1973 - ) is a UK multimedia artist who works primarily with electronic text, sound and image. He was born in Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom, and is a British and Canadian citizen.His multimedia work is offered as si ......Artist Chris Joseph

Artwork linver Cyn 35
Lastest Work linver Cyn 35

    Philippe Halaburda    France

    Various Paintings Photography

    Philippe Halaburda (1972 - ) is a contemporary French painter and photographer who lives & works in South of France & New York, USA. His works attempt to reflect the ongoing exploration of the abstract in human nature, mov ......Artist Philippe Halaburda

Artwork Entropia Democratia
Lastest Work Entropia Democratia

    Yiannis Melanitis    Greece

    Oil Painting Installation

    Yiannis Melanitis (also named as Ioannis Melanitis; Greek: Γιάννης Μελανίτης; 1967 - ) is a contemporary conceptual artist, performance artist, sculptor, installation artist, and digital artist who was born in Athens, Greece. Mela ......Artist Yiannis Melanitis

Artwork Stefan
Lastest Work Stefan

    Stan Bert Singer    Austria

    Oil Painting

    Stan Bert Singer (1966 - ) is an contemporary Austrian oil painter, is known for his works of violence aesthetics and women often in erotic poses. The artist has taken part in many international art exhibitions in Europe and US si ......Artist Stan Bert Singer

Artwork Span
Lastest Work Span

    Slobodan Peladić    Serbia

    Oil Painting Sculpture Multimedia

    Slobodan Peladić (1962 - ) is a Serbian contemporary painter, sculptor and multimedia artist who was born in Šabac (Yugoslavia, now Serbia), was founder of Independent Artistic Association Kolektiv and director of The Association ......Artist Slobodan Peladić

Artwork Village
Lastest Work Village

    Sofia Laurent    France

    Oil Painting Various Paintings

    Sofia Laurent (1961 - ) is a talented artist, born in France and of Italian descent. Her artworks have been featured in numerous exhibitions and solo shows around the world. They have also been collected by many prestigious museum ......Artist Sofia Laurent

Artwork Pointes
Lastest Work Pointes

    Komarova Elena    Russia

    Oil Painting

    Komarova Elena (1960 - ) is a contemporary Russian painter who is good at oil painting. The artist is a member of Russian Province Artists Association, has taken part in many art exhibitions at home and abroad and won awards. Koma ......Artist Komarova Elena

Artwork Horse
Lastest Work Horse

    Komarov Nikolai    Russia

    Oil Painting

    Komarov Nikolai (1959 - ) is a contemporary Russian painter who is good at oil painting. The artist is an associate professor, teaches in several academies of fine art in Russia. The contemporary artist has taken part in many ......Artist Komarov Nikolai


    Maurice Benayoun    France


    Maurice Benayoun (aka MoBen), 1957-, is a French pioneer new-media artist and theorist based in Paris and Hong Kong, got over 30 awards internationally. His multimedia work employs various media, including (and often combining) vi ......Artist Maurice Benayoun

Artwork Programmed Machines
Lastest Work Programmed Machines

    Maurizio Bolognini    Italy


    Maurizio Bolognini, 1952-, is an Italian post-conceptual media artist. His installations explore the potential and implications of new media technologies starting from the minimal and abstract activation of processes that are beyo ......Artist Maurizio Bolognini

Artwork The cigar divan
Lastest Work The cigar divan

    Jack Vettriano    Scottland

    Oil Painting

    Jack Vettriano, 1951-, is a Scottish contemporary painter. His oil painting, The Singing Butler, became a best selling image in Britain. The artist has been described as a purveyor of " soft porn" and a painter of " ......Artist Jack Vettriano

Artwork To the Knowledge
Lastest Work To the Knowledge

    Claude Cehes    France


    Claude Cehes (1949 - ) is a contemporary French sculptor who lives in Paris and get commissions from many French cities. She often uses assorted materials to create artworks, such as bronze, marble, granite, polyester resin, wood, ......Artist Claude Cehes

Artwork Just Dnepr
Lastest Work Just Dnepr

    Valeriy Grachov    Ukiain

    Oil Painting Various Paintings Multimedia Photography

    Valeriy Grachov (1949 - ) is a contemporary Ukrainian watercolorist born in Archangelsk, Russia. After graduated from Kiev’s Institute of Design and Architecture in 1972, the artist traveled, resided and worked in many places over ......Artist Valeriy Grachov

Artwork Pino Daeni lady and flowers
Lastest Work Pino Daeni lady and flowers

    Pino Daeni    Italy

    Oil Painting

    Pino Daeni, 1939-2010, was an Italian-American painter who was known for his style of feminine, romantic women painted with loose but accurate brushwork. Pino art often revolved sensuous women in beaches and boudoir settings indoo ......Artist Pino Daeni

Artwork Untitled from droguinhas 1966
Lastest Work Untitled from droguinhas 1966

    Mira Schendel    Switzerland


    Mira Schendel or Myrrha Dagmar Dub, 1919 - 1988, was a Swiss artist living in Brazil, was considered as one of the exponents of contemporary Brazilian art. In 1994, his works were exhibited in a special room on the 22th Internatio ......Artist Mira Schendel

Artwork Notre dame les bouquinistes
Lastest Work Notre dame les bouquinistes

    Antoine Blanchard    France

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Antoine Blanchard

Artwork Butterfly Landscape The Great Masturbator in a Surrealist Landscape with D N A
Lastest Work Butterfly Landscape The Great Masturbator in a Surrealist Landscape with D N A

    Salvador Dali    Spain

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    Salvador Dalí, 1904-1989, was a prominent Spanish Catalan surrealist painter, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew mo ......Artist Salvador Dali

Artwork The man with white umbrella 1934
Lastest Work The man with white umbrella 1934

    Brassai    Hungary


    Brassaï (pseudonym of Gyula Halász), 1899 – 1984, was a Hungarian photographer, sculptor, writer, and filmmaker who rose to international fame in France in the 20th century. He was one of the numerous Hungarian artists who flouris ......Artist Brassai

Artwork The fire 1943
Lastest Work The fire 1943

    Rene Magritte    Belgium

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    René François Ghislain Magritte, 1898-1967, was a Belgian surrealist artist, well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that fell under the umbrella of surrealism. Contemporary artists have been greatly inf ......Artist Rene Magritte

Artwork Woman with a green glove 1928
Lastest Work Woman with a green glove 1928

    Tamara de Lempicka    Poland

    Oil Painting

    Tamara de Lempicka (Polish: Tamara Łempicka), 1898-1980, female and was bisexual, Poland-born, was a Polish Art Deco painter and "the first woman artist to be a glamour star". Lempicka's distinctive and bold artisti ......Artist Tamara de Lempicka

Artwork The Farmer
Lastest Work The Farmer

    Joan Miro    Spain

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    Joan Miró i Ferrà, 1893-1983, was a Catalan Spanish painter, in the movement of Surrealism, Dada, Personal, Experimental. Two museums dedicated to Miró art, the Fundació Joan Miró, and the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró. The artist de ......Artist Joan Miro

Artwork Construction in space crystal 1939
Lastest Work Construction in space crystal 1939

    Naum Gabo    Russia


    Naum Gabo KBE, 1890 – 1977, Jewish, was a prominent Russian sculptor in movement of Constructivism and a pioneer of Kinetic Art; the essence of Gabo's art was the exploration of space. His earliest constructions originally in card ......Artist Naum Gabo

Artwork Nude with Coral Necklace Aktmit Korallen kette
Lastest Work Nude with Coral Necklace Aktmit Korallen kette

    August Macke    Germany 

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    ......Artist August Macke

Artwork Lovers under sun
Lastest Work Lovers under sun

    Marc Chagall    France

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    Marc Zakharovich Chagall, 1887-1985, was a Belarussian-Russian-French artist. Chagall oil paintings suggested both Jewish and Christian themes. He synthesized the art forms of Cubism, Symbolism, and Fauvism, and the influence of F ......Artist Marc Chagall