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The following are the contemporary US artists and art institutions of galleries(museums) who have registered Singing Palette art website, and noted historical art masters including famous artists/painters/sculptors/photographers from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Washington, Houston, Philadelphia, San francisco, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, etc...

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Directory of American Artists

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Artwork Winchester Redux
Lastest Work Winchester Redux

    Jeremy Blake    United States


    Jeremy Blake, 1971 – 2007, was an American digital artist and painter. His work included projected DVD installations, Type C prints, and collaborative film projects. He was selected to participate in the Renaissance Society group ......Artist Jeremy Blake

Artwork Trouble Light
Lastest Work Trouble Light

    Joseph Nechvatal    United States

    Oil Painting Various Paintings Installation Multimedia Photography

    Joseph Nechvatal (1951 - ) is an American post-conceptual digital artist, multimedia artist, painter, and art theoretician, he creates computer-assisted paintings and computer animations, often using custom-created computer viruse ......Artist Joseph Nechvatal

Artwork Abstract Expressionist
Lastest Work Abstract Expressionist

    Xiang Weiguang    United States

    Oil Painting

    Xiang Weiguang (Chinese name: 向唯光; 1948 - ) is a contemporary American painter born in China. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, a college under the direct jurisdiction of the Chines ......Artist Xiang Weiguang

Artwork Broken circle 1971
Lastest Work Broken circle 1971

    Robert Smithson    United States


    Robert Smithson, 1938 – 1973, famous American artist using photography in relation to sculpture and installation art, in movement of land art. His most famous work is Spiral Jetty (1970), a 1,500-foot (460 m) long spiral-shaped je ......Artist Robert Smithson

Artwork Beethoven
Lastest Work Beethoven

    Andy Warhol    United States

    Various Paintings

    Andy Warhol, 1928-1987, was an American artist, a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. Andy Warhol paintings explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement.  T ......Artist Andy Warhol

Artwork Pop art meets andy
Lastest Work Pop art meets andy

    Roy Lichtenstein    United States

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    Roy Fox Lichtenstein, 1923-1997, was an American pop artist, a leading figure in the new art movement. Lichtenstein painting defined the basic premise of pop art through parody. He favored the comic strip as his main inspirat ......Artist Roy Lichtenstein

Artwork Pasiphae 1943
Lastest Work Pasiphae 1943

    Jackson Pollock    United States

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    Paul Jackson Pollock, 1912-1956, was an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well known for his unique style of drip painting. In 2004, One: Number 31 was ranked the 8th mo ......Artist Jackson Pollock

Artwork Blue construction 1938
Lastest Work Blue construction 1938

    David Smith    United States


    David Smith, 1906 – 1965, was an American sculptor and painter, in art movement of Abstract expressionism and Modernist, best known for creating large steel abstract geometric sculptures, received a Creative Arts Award from Brande ......Artist David Smith

Artwork Charwomen in theater 1946
Lastest Work Charwomen in theater 1946

    Norman Rockwell    United States

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    Norman Perceval Rockwell, 1894-1978, was a American painter. Rockwell art enjoy a popular appeal for their reflection of American culture. The best-known Rockwell paintings are the Willie Gillis series, Rosie the Riveter, The Prob ......Artist Norman Rockwell

Artwork Primacy of matter over thought 1929
Lastest Work Primacy of matter over thought 1929

    Man Ray    United States


    Man Ray, 1890 – 1976, was an American visual artist involved in painting, photography, collage, and film; was a significant contributor to the Dada and Surrealist movements. He was best known for his photography, and was a renowne ......Artist Man Ray

Artwork Civilian defence 1942
Lastest Work Civilian defence 1942

    Edward Weston    United States


    Edward Henry Weston, 1886 – 1958, was a 20th-century American photographer and a prolific writer, was the first photographer to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship. He has been called "one of the most innovative and influential A ......Artist Edward Weston

Artwork Anne in White
Lastest Work Anne in White

    George Wesley Bellows    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist George Wesley Bellows

Artwork Adobe houses
Lastest Work Adobe houses

    Edward Hopper    United States

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    Edward Hopper, 1882-1967, was a prominent American realist painter,  was most popularly known for his oil paintings, and equally proficient as a watercolorist. Significant paintings by Edward Hopper are held by the Museum of ......Artist Edward Hopper

Artwork Man Plowing
Lastest Work Man Plowing

    Frederick Carl Frieseke    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Frederick Carl Frieseke

Artwork Jessica Penn in Black with White Plumes
Lastest Work Jessica Penn in Black with White Plumes

    Henri Robert    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Henri Robert

Artwork Indian Women Moving
Lastest Work Indian Women Moving

    Charles Marion Russell    United States

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    ......Artist Charles Marion Russell

Artwork Two Girls Reading
Lastest Work Two Girls Reading

    Robert Lewis Reid    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Robert Lewis Reid

Artwork Bull Fight in Mexico
Lastest Work Bull Fight in Mexico

    Frederic Remington    United States

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    ......Artist Frederic Remington

Artwork The Guitar Player
Lastest Work The Guitar Player

    Joseph Rodefer DeCamp    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Joseph Rodefer DeCamp

Artwork Lengthening Shadows
Lastest Work Lengthening Shadows

    Willard Leroy Metcalf    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Willard Leroy Metcalf

Artwork Looking out to Sea
Lastest Work Looking out to Sea

    Edward Henry Potthast    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Edward Henry Potthast

Artwork Mrs Ralph Curtis portrait
Lastest Work Mrs Ralph Curtis portrait

    John Singer Sargent    United States

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    ......Artist John Singer Sargent

Artwork June
Lastest Work June

    John White Alexander    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist John White Alexander

Artwork Lady On A Pink Divan
Lastest Work Lady On A Pink Divan

    Julius LeBlanc Stewart    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Julius LeBlanc Stewart

Artwork Oyster Boats North River
Lastest Work Oyster Boats North River

    John Henry Twachtman    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist John Henry Twachtman

Artwork In the Gardens of the Villa Palmieri
Lastest Work In the Gardens of the Villa Palmieri

    James Carroll Beckwith    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist James Carroll Beckwith

Artwork Roses in a Silver Bowl on a Mahogany Table flower still life
Lastest Work Roses in a Silver Bowl on a Mahogany Table flower still life

    Julian Alden Weir    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Julian Alden Weir

Artwork A Kings Daughter
Lastest Work A Kings Daughter

    Theodore Robinson    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist Theodore Robinson

Artwork Half Length Figure Study
Lastest Work Half Length Figure Study

    John Ottis Adams    United States

    Oil Painting

    ......Artist John Ottis Adams

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