Copyright Agreement
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Before you use all the services and messages rendered by Singing Palette, it is required that you should read this Copyright Agreement with great discreet. Once you have got the services, it means that you have already known and completely agreed to all the clauses of this Copyright Agreement, including its update improvement to the agreement.

Singing Palette respects others' legitimate rights, and its registered users are required to do so. The works rendered by the registered users shall be the real composition independently finished by the registered artist(or artist agented by galleries), with no Copyright Problems. Singing Palette is entitled to delete any accounts that have suspicious contents or even rights-infringing users' account.

Singing Palette respects and protects artists Copyright and will not sell the reproduction of their works without their permission, and will not conduct any activities that are deemed to be violating Copyright and Intellectual Property.

If you think that the copyright of your work or your Intellectual Property have been infringed, you are required to provide us with the following materials:
The description of the name of the infringed work that you claim and its URL address.
The signature from the holder of the copyright or other Intellectual Property or from the entitled agent.
Certification material to prove the infringement.
Your name(full name),certificate number, Address, Telephone Number and Email address.
Your statement of copyright infringement to your work or other intellectual right.
Please contact us if you have any other questions.