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Terms of Use
Before you use all the services and messages rendered by Singing Palette, it is required that you should read the Terms of Use with great discreet. Once you have used the services, it means that you have already acknowledged and completely accepted all the provisions of the terms, including its update amendments to the terms.
1. Info Statement
Singing Palette, an online communicational platform for original art home and abroad, and an online exhibition for works by contemporary artists.
Singing Palette is committed to rendering an extensive and professional communication channel and exhibition platform for international artists and art lovers, and verifying all the message at its full stretch.
But Singing Palette is not declaring and promising the accuracy and reliability of the submitted message by global users. Moreover, with respect to the artwork of any forms or non-artworks you have purchased on your own via relevant message, Singing Palette will bear no responsibility for their quality guarantee.
It not include the occasions where Singing Palette is entrusted to verify the works and Singing Palette has signed the written contracts with the collectors. Buyer's will get Certificate of Originals with artist's signature if collect artworks from Singing Palette.

Singing Palette will translate your personal registering information , subscribed works, creation materiel, blog outlines onto multiple languages (not only Chinese, English, French, German and so on, during this period, Singing Palette will employ professional translators and verified voluntary translators to undertake this job, but will bear no responsibility for its accuracy), promote your works to market home and abroad via Website Display, Exhibition Presentation, Subscribed Email, Advertising Albums, Media Publication and other necessary forms. Should any dissent arises, please contact Singing Palette.
2. Privacy Policy
The moment you are registering Singing Palette account, Singing Palette will gather the user’s personal information, including Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address, Occupation, Interests and so on. Moreover, Singing Palette will automatically receive and record the information of your browser, and server logs, which include your IP address, cookie and the records of your browsed webpages.

Unless you have agreed when you are registering an account, publishing articles or creation materials and submitting your works, in no event Singing Palette will disclose your personal information to anyone.

Your Singing Palette account has the password safeguard function, to ensure your privacy and information security.

Singing Palette will use the standard SSL Privacy System to ensure the security of messages transmitted.
3. Legal Disclaimer
You agree to abide by all the regulations in relevant Laws and rules, and bear the whole responsibilities for the behaviors and consequences arising from the service-use with your passwords and account of any forms.
To use some of Singing Palette services, you agree to: render the authentic, accurate, updating and complete information of you yourself, update your registering information in time to ensure its authenticity, accuracy, update-ness and completeness. Singing Palette is entitled to suspect the previous information to be false, inauthentic, outdate, incomplete and misleading, and to terminate your account.

In accordance with the relevant Laws and rules, it is the content providers that shall bear the responsibilities for any Information, Materials, Texts, Images, Graphics, Videos and other contents via Singing Palette Services.

The Terms of Services constitutes all the agreements you have agreed with Singing Palette, stipulates your behavior to use this service, and replaces all the previous agreements between you and Singing Palette.

The Terms of Services and your relation with Singing Palette are subject to laws of the country.