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Canada Winnipeg Art Gallery

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Chinese Painting, Various Paintings, Sculpture, Installation, Multimedia, Photography

Profile of Canada Winnipeg Art Gallery:
Winnipeg Art Gallery is Canada’s oldest civic art gallery and Manitoba’s leading art museum, it holds over 27,000 works spanning centuries and media, including the world’s largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art. 
Since 1912, the gallery has developed from a small civic gallery to Canada’s sixth largest gallery with an international reputation. Winnipeg Art Gallery plays a vital role in the community, engaging and enriching Canadian people of all ages and backgrounds through art and culture.

The gallery’s exhibition schedule is programmed roughly 3 years in advance. So Singing Palette’s artists have to prepare works 3 years in advance so that our proposal goes before the exhibition committee for consideration.

Main Exhibitions:

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