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Hefeng Hall Gallery's Works and Introduction

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Hefeng Hall Gallery

Art Types involved-in: Chinese Painting, Various Paintings

Profile of Hefeng Hall Gallery:
Hefeng Hall Gallery belongs to Guilin Hefeng Cultural Transmission Company. It is an agency of native Chinese artists such as Du Kelu, and it exhibits, researches, collects and transacts artwork. It values contemporary ink and wash painting while promoting traditional Chinese culture.


Born in 1963 in Lingui, Guangxi province, Du Kelu is a contemporary Traditional Chinese painter and movie director. He has engaged in advanced studies about painting and other kinds of art in Guilin Normal University, Guangxi Normal University, China Academy of Arts, Chinese National Academy of Arts, Peking University, Long Rui Studio in Chinese National Academy of Painting and so on. He has published many art works, such as The Collection of Points, Lines, Images and Painting, The World of Chinese Ink Painting, The Collection of Intelligential Landscapes, and Learning from the Past.

Main Exhibitions:
October, 2015, Du Kelu “Learning from Late Masters” solo exhibition.
November, 2015, Shen Suhua “Dialogue between Couplets and Philosophy”.
October, 2016, Du Kelu “Making the Past Serve the Present” Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition.

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