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Gender: male   1990

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Li Tongfa

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting

Li Tongfa Biography:
Li Tongfa (1990 - ) is a contemporary professional painter who was born in Linyi, Shandong Province. He is a member of Yangzhou Artists Association and a signed Artist of many art organizations. He is active in Beijing, Yangzhou and other cities and participates in many art exhibitions in China. His works were published in many periodicals and magazines such as Art Investment, Art Suzhou, China Daily. 

Li Tongfa's Representative Works Exhibitions:
2017 Sino-American Artists Communication Exhibition, Suzhou, Jin ji Lake Art Museum
2016 Asian Young Artist Nomination Exhibition, Beijing, Today Art Museum
2016  2015 New Prominent Art Retrospective Exhibition, Beijing, The Grand Canal Art Museum
2016 Artistic Suzhou•Chinese-British Art Communication Exhibition, Suzhou Art Interaction
2016 Tour Exhibition of Works by Young Artists from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Beijing, Yonghe Art Museum
2016 Young Artist Boosting Plan by Shanghai People’s Daily Electronic Edition, Shanghai
2016, The Third 798 Art Fair, Beijing, 798 Art Factory
2016 “Meeting Contemporary Young Artist” Oil Painting Exhibition, Hangzhou, Jianghong Art Gallery
2016 Nanjing Art Fair, Nanjing, Edinburgh Hotel
2016 Sino-American Artists Communication Exhibition, Gansu, Jiuquan Museum
2016 The First Dunhuang International Cultural Fair, Jiuquan, Jiuquan Museum
2016 Hangzhou West Lake Art Fair, Hangzhou, Shanlang Art Space
2016 Young Artists Boosting Fair, Beijing, Contemporary Art Museum
2016 Original Artist Invitation Exhibition, Yangzhou Art Museum
2016 Yangzhou Art Biennial Exhibition, Yangzhou Art Gallery
2016 Shanghai City Art Fair, The Luxury Collection&reg, 12# Hengshan Road, Shanghai
2016 Ningbo City Art Fair, Ningbo, Moqi Hotel
2016 Ideal Landscape Oil Painting Theme Exhibition, Nanjing, Artway Art Gallery
2016 Baijia Lake Youth Art Fair, Nanjing, Uanda Hilton Hotel
2016 New and Promising Young Artists Invitation Exhibition, Suzhou, Dusu Lake Art Center
2015 First season of New Prominent Art Exhibition, Beijing Songzhuang Wenhua Hall Art Gallery
2014 “Morning (Series 2)” was displayed at the Graduation Exhibition of Yangzhou University, Academy of Art and Design (Yangzhou Art Museum) (Collected by Yangzhou University, Academy of Art and Design )
2013 Plan and Join in “Change” Oil Painting Exhibition by Five Artists in Yangzhou University, Academy of Art and Design (Art Gallery of Yangzhou University, Academy of Art and Design)
2012 “Keep Waiting” was displayed at New Artists Exhibition of Jiangsu Province (Nanjing).

Graduation School: Academy of Art and Design, Yangzhou University

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