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Lin Xinghu

Art Types involved-in: Chinese Painting

Lin Xinghu Biography:
Lin Xinghu (1949.8- ) is a contemporary Chinese ink cartoonist who was born in Xiapu county, Fujian province. His pen name is “Master of Lanxin House”. He is a member of Fujian Artists Association and Fujian Cartoon Association.

Based on real life experience, this artist has created more than 300 pieces of works. His ink cartoon is bold and creative, which praises the healthy atmosphere and criticizes the ugliness of the society. The purchasers of his works include collectors in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. 

Lin Xinghu has won national awards for twice and other awards such as honorable mention of national cartoon “Litekai bei”, “zikai bei” national cartoon exhibition and so on. 29 of his works are collected and sold by humanity and cultural units of provincial level and above. “Hide and Seek”, “Propitious Tibet Dance”, were selected to the art exhibition hosted by Fujian Fine Artists Association and won the Baihua prize of literature and art by the local government.

Lin Xinghu's Representative Works Exhibitions:
He has taken part in national art exhibitions in China for three times, provincial art exhibitions for twice and a sole comics fair. 
He was invited to “Colorful Asia-Chinese Culture” art exhibition cohosted by Chinese Public Diplomacy Association and Chinese Fine Artists Association, and his work(s) was/were selected to charity auction. 

Graduation School:

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