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Gender: female   1970

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NatHalie Braun Barends

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Various Paintings, Installation, Photography

NatHalie Braun Barends Biography:
NatHalie Braun Barends (1970? - , also known as Petsiré) is a Germany born Brazilian contemporary artist who is both pretty and intelligent. Her works take part in exhibitions and solo exhibitions over the world and are collected by many museums and art institutions. The artist is versatile and creates works as they come to her mind. She touches upon painting, photography, installation art, video, lighting project, architectural design, semiology and so on.

NatHalie keeps an open artistic mind and works positively to introduce new technology into her works, for example, glass-free stereoscopic video (Alioscopy), optical lens shooting and holograms. She creates lighting installations in many countries and takes part in many socio-ecological projects frequently.

NatHalie Braun Barends’ painting also has her personal charm. We can have a glance of the three masters of different era, Monet, Marc Chagall and Jackson Pollock in some of her works and her other works also integrates art deco, abstract expressionism and elements of semiology.

NatHalie Braun Barends's Representative Works Exhibitions:
2014 –* "Rudolf Steiner Haus", Berlin, Germany – Paintings
2014 –* "Fondazione Oddi", Palazzo Oddo, Albenga, Italy – Paintings
2012 –* "Miami River Art Fair", Miami, USA – Revealing Paintings
2012 –* "Rayko Alexiev Space", Sofia, Bulgary – Revealing Paintings 
2011 –* "Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Praga", Praha, Czech Republic – "Revealing Paintings" and interactive concept for H light installation.
2009 – "Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes" MNBA, Santiago, Chile – Individual exhibition of HPaintings, HPhotos, HFilms, light installation "Descubriendo la Identidad – Discovering Identity, Die Entdeckung der Identität: In Honor to Werner Barends"
2009 – "Museo de Arte Contemporáneo", Valdivia, Chile – Individual exhibition of HPaintings, HPhotos, HFilms, light installation "Descubriendo la Identidad – Discovering Identity – Die Entdeckung der Identität: In Honor to Werner Barends”
2009 – "Swiss Art Institution", Forsthausvilla, Karlsruhe – Exhibition of paintings at "Curator's Choice"
2008 – "P 13: Raum für Kunst und Kultur", Heidelberg – Individual Exhibition of Revealing Paintings & Light Installations. 
2008 – "Römischer Hof/Vivico Real Estate", Unter den Linden, Berlin – Individual exhibition of Discovering Identity: Revealing Images, Revealing Paintings, Video and Light Installations.
2007 – "Kunsthalle Mannheim", Germany – Paintings and photos exhibition for the "100 Years Kunsthalle" celebration.
2007 – VIP Programm @ Art Basel, Badischer Bahnhof, Basel – Revealing Images and "Reise ins Wir" in cooperation with Rodolphe von Gombergh.
2007 – "Verena Foundation", Kamini Port, Hydra/Greece – Revealing Images: Homage to Werner Barends.
2001 – "Bayer do Brazil", São Paulo, Brazil – Individual Exhibition with HPhotos
2000 – "EXPO 2000", Hannover, Germany – "Hillunion", Solo exhibition
2000 – "Brazilian Embassy", Berlin, Germany – "Halion", Solo exhibition
2000 – "EXPO 2000", Hannover, Germany – Represents Brazil in Charity exhibition with 156 participating countries for the Nelson Mandela Children Trust Foundation with painted objects.
1999 – "S'hort Internacional Art Center", Palma de Mallorca, Spain – "Rabra", Solo exhibition with drawings, HPhotos and objects
1998 –* "MAM – Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia" Salvador de Bahia , Brazil -  "H-Installation", Solo exhibition
1998 –* "Aloisio Magalhaes Museum of Modern Art of Pernambuco (MAMAM)", Recife, Brazil - "H–Installation", Solo exhibition
1998 –* "MAM Rio – Museu de Arte Moderna" do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - "H–Installation", Solo exhibition
1998 –* "MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som", São Paulo, Brazil - "H–Installation", Solo Exhibition, Curator of happening and piano concert, slide show, poetry and dance performance
1997 – "Maison de l'Unesco", Paris, France – "Hillenus", Solo exhibition with photograph installation
1997 – "Banff International Art Center", Banff, Canada – "Hillenus", Photograph Installation at Project Gallery
1996 –* "World Trade Center", São Paulo, Brazil – Solo Exhibition of paintings
1996 – Transatlantico Cultural Center, São Paulo, Brazil – "The Runes", Solo exhibition with paintings and interactive sculptures
1996 – Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ – Wien AG, Wien, Austria – Solo Exhibition
1995 –* "Austrian Cultural Center – Palais Palffy", Wien, Austria – Solo Exhibition
1994 – "Goethe Institut", São Paulo, Brazil – Solo exhibition of paintings and drawings
1993 – House of Japanese Culture, University of São Paulo, Brazil – Exhibition of Paintings

Graduation School: Paulista University (Sao Paulo, Brazil), University of Sao Paulo

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