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Gender: male   1962

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Zhang Heding

Art Types involved-in: Chinese Painting, Various Paintings, Photography

Zhang Heding Biography:
Zhang Heding(1962 - ) is a contemporary Chinese traditional painter who was born in Jinan city, Shandong province. His pen name is Yunhe, meaning crane in clouds. He was taught by famous artists in China such as Zhang Zhiming, Cai Yushui, Song Shangzhai, etc.. Heding is good at painting Chinese landscapes, birds & flowers, especially green mountains.

The artist has won many awards at various art exhibitions and competitions in China, and some paintings were exhibited in Jilu, Japan.
Zhang Heding’s works are published successively by many professional art periodicals. In addition, his works are collected by related departments including Museum of Chinese History. 
The painter has published collection of poem in 2005. 

Zhang Heding's Representative Works Exhibitions:

Graduation School: Shandong College of Arts

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