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Real Name: Joseph Nechvatal
Nationality:United States
Biography:Joseph Nechvatal (1951 - ) is an American post-conceptual digital artist, multimedia artist, painter ......More >>
Graduation School:Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Cornell University, and Columbia University
Major:Fine art and philosophyv
Art Types involved-in:Oil Painting Various Paintings Installation Multimedia Photography
Personal Exhibitions:In 2005 cOntaminatiOns at Château de Linardié in Senouillac, France. In 2006 a retrospective ex ......More >>
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The unseen/seenness of becOming multiple
  • 2016-10-17 02:19Joseph Nechvatal Blog
  • The Joseph Nechvatal archive is housed at The Fales Library (Downtown Special Collection) at N.Y.U. ...
Joseph Nechvatal Blog
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