Kryographia (The Anatomy of Writing)

Yiannis Melanitis
Keywords: KryographiaAnatomyWriting

Work Overview

The installation presents the act of writing as a state of absolute coldness. The writer, collector and producer of ice, constructs an insulated situation in order to capture the ultimate work. Through the use of water, he tries to transcend the entropic situation of the space, to create a new thermodynamic order. For melanitis, the writer, also acts as an iceman. He is the collector and distributor of ice.
Kryographia has the structure of a human body. In Kryographia, besides the body of the water, that we watch performing, we can discern another body, a dismembered body, as the installation brings to mind organs scattered on the ground. The work has the structure of a human body where each transformation of ice to water corresponds to vital human organs.