Wang Tiande
Keywords: LandscapeForestRiverCalligraphyChinese Inkcigarette incense burnMultiple layersRice paperburn

Work Overview

Wang Tiande (1960 - ; Chinese name王天德) was born in Shanghai, now is a art professor at the Fudan University in China. His works are thought to occupy a space between past and present, material and immaterial, permanence and transience. His essays metaphorically layers between landscapes and calligraphic, and his themes are classical as well as contemporary.

A visit to Paris in 2002 deepened his appreciation of conceptual contemporary art and inspired him to explore new interpretations of ink in his work. 

In the landscape series of “Digital”, Wang Tiande painted layers of Chinese characters and landscapes with ink onto paper or vellum, then accentuated certain elements by burning the material of cigarettes or incense. The artist combined the rich vocabulary of painting and calligraphy, with a unique technique of burning his lines into xuan paper with cigarettes incenses, and continued with the more refined tips of incense sticks.