9 Holes

Zhang Huan

Keywords: PhotographicColor Chromomeric PrintDigitalLandscapewildernessPerformance artnudeformatChinese lanscapeContemporary

Work Overview

Zhang Huan (Chinese name 张洹, 1965 - , graduated from Henan University) was born in Anyang, Henan, China. His inspiration comes from his background in performance art, his works show the emotions of people.

Huan is a vital, influential and provocative contemporary artist. He began his career as a painter, and later transitioned to performance art with a group of friends from the art school. He pioneered a particular brand of performance that always involves his body usually naked. Many of his works involves some sort of bodily mortification. As a result he was often reprimanded by officials for the perceived inappropriateness of his actions.

Framed, Signed, Edition: 10/15,